www.berdonclaims.com The UnitedHealth Group Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Claim Form

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Www.berdonclaims.com is the official site of the Berdon Claims Administration LLC.

Come to the site of www.berdonclaims.com. In the first sight of the site, we may find lots of contents relating to the cases, class actions and other law topics. At first, I thought the corporation on this website is the law firm. But after having seen the introductions to it in the first part in the menu on the top page, I had to say that I am wrong and the Berdon Claims Administration LLC is not the law firm. But what kind of corporations is it? I believe that we should have a detailed look at.

To my surprising, the Berdon Claims Administration LLC is actually a part of Berdon LLP which is a famous accounting and financial services firm in the country. Mentioning of the Berdon LLP, some people may get known it. It is one of the top 25 CPA firms across the whole country, specializing in offering a wide range of accounting, tax, financial and management advisory services. Its services have played an important role in the securities of various class actions and cases. Here, we can see the strength of the company. Being part of this excellent firm, the Berdon Claims Administration LLC has got the advantages obvious. From its establishment, it has offered a lot of important and useful materials and skills which play vital role in the class actions and other cases. In fact, directly on the homepage of the site, we are able to see some of them.

To make it much easier for the visitors to see its contents on the homepage, it has divided them into three parts from the left to the right. We will see them on by one. The same as most of the websites, the left side of the homepage has displayed us lots of information on the firm. Indeed, in this part, people are able to find such contents as the profiles and services of Berdon Claims Administration LLC, the professional services offered by it together with the introductions to its parent firm, Berdon LLP. Of course, we can see this part as the main part on the homepage. The other two parts mainly show us the latest cases and related services etc. Of course, the contents on the homepage are just part of the site, there are much more materials and information in the menu on the top page through which people can have a full understanding of this firm and its services.

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