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Blackamericaweb.com was launched in June, 2001, is a news source created by Tom Joyner, in an effort to bring all African Americans together. Tom Joyner is the host of Tom Joyner Morning Show, a national syndicated program. Blackamericaweb.com has a growing presence with more than 750,000 members and more than 30,000 visitors every month.

Blackamericanweb.com is now owned by Reach Media, in which Radio One also holds a part of share. Tom Joyner Morning Show is also control by Reach Media. Now there are many online communities for black Americans. The most popular could be Black Planet, The Urban Daily, Hello Beautiful, Giantlife and Newsone. All of these are the latest favorites of black Americans. blackamericaweb.com has become an open platform, accommodating numerous blacks from all direction of the world and sharing information and news on black people.

On April 9, 2010, Stephanie Wilson, a spacewoman, joined in the program of Tom Joyner and talked about the current condition in the American female astronauts. currently there are four spacewomen in National Aeronautics and Space Administration and all of them are very beautiful. In the program, Joyner invited Wilson to talk about her hairstyle and her careen evolvement. Besides, this program was also simultaneously broadcasted on Blackamericaweb.com, for Wilson is one of the few black female astronauts in American history.

Vogue, the Italian fashion magazine, issued a special column for protest the racism in model circle. That time, Vogue invited many famous black models for the special column. Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Iman, Pat Cleveland, Alex Wek and Jordan Dunn all joined in the special series. The above black models with bumping prices were gradually replaced by European models, which captured the attention of the insiders. Robin Givhan, the fashion edition of Washington Post received an interview by Blackamericaweb.com, saying that the current condition of black models was just a miniature of the black history.

It’s weird to hear that there is discrimination against black people in fashion industry. however, we can see that racism is everywhere in the world. It is a great pity. Other people stated that this condition should be attributed to the changing aesthetical concept of modern people. I don’t think so. The concept of beauty has been deeply rooted in a culture and it could not be changed so easily. The deep-rooted racism seems not so appalling. However, it does take effect when the whites want it to come into effect. This is not good for the balanced development for both ethnic groups.

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