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It is the official page of BMO to activate the Master Card. The Canadian wage-earners who are far away from retirement are always thinking about two things. The first one is how to spend a pleasant vacation; the second is how to do something as one wishes. So the Canadian credit card servicers have figured out this kind of subtle psychological state of the masses, and they keep launching new credit card to attract more customers and to bind them with their own financial services.

Till the end of 2004, the master card issued by BMO has been the greatest in quantity. Visa and Mastercard are the two most common credit cards in Canada. Thus, there are CIBC visa, RBC visa, BMO MasterCard, PC MasterCard and CU MasterCard. Mastercard International is the second largest international credit card organization in the world, and it owns MasterCard, Maestro, Mondex and Cirrus and other popular credit card brands. There are now more than 20,000 members in Mastercard International who can issue their own credit card in the name of this organization.

This January, BMO, together with China Professionals Association of Canada, issued a new Mastercard, which would facilitate the lives of Canadian Chinese. As a non-profit organization founded in 1992, CAPC has been devoted to the mission of serving the Chinese immigrants to the greatest extent. There are now over 25,000 members in the organization and it has become the largest group in its kind. It has played a significant role in the Canadian Chinese lives through social communication, governmental consultation, meeting, cultural exchange, and charity and community activities.

Founded in 1817, Bank of Montreal is the oldest bank in Canada. In its history, it has accompanied Canada in the most important events, including the building of the first canal, the first railway, the first telegraph office, Canadian Pacific Railway and intercontinental railways. Besides, it has assisting in the construction of large-scale hydropower station, energy and mineral evolution. With all these opportunities, BMO has enlarged its influence gradually.

Now, as the fourth biggest bank in Canada, BMO has established a steady relation with its customers. With the launch of various cards and financial services, it’s going to expand its power in a more creative and innovative way. It has built agent relation with Bank of China early in 1962, and BOC opened Canadian dollar account in 1970. Now it has become the largest Canadian financial company in China. Through its 28 percent of share in Fullgoal Fund Management Company, it has advanced in the Chinese financial market.

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