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This is the official website for The Walt Disney Company, named after Walt Disney, its founder. Headquartered in Burbank, USA, the company has been the fairly land of children in the world. They dream that they would visit the site of Walt Disney one day, to see what’s going in this magic kingdom.

Disney has operated business in entertainment program production, theme park, toy, publishing, computer games and media network. It owns PIXAR Animation Studio, Marvel Entertainment Inc, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Hollywood Pictures, ESPN Sports and American Broadcasting Company.

Recently, news came that Disney sold Miramax to Filmyard at 660 million USD on July 30. The deal included the copyrights of more than 700 films, such as Shakespeare in Love, a movie won Oscar Award before. The takeover would be completed before the end of 2010. Miramax, founded in 1979 in New York, was bought by Disney at 70 million USD in 1993. Miramax mainly produces the movies receiving cold receptions in Hollywood and big movie companies. There are many famous works produced by it, such as Sex, Lie and Video, Pulp Fiction which has won 7 Oscar Awards, The Piano and English Patient. All of these are fantastic works and I can’t believe they have been coldly treated in Hollywood before.

The move of selling Miramax signals that Disney would put more attention to massive blockbusters like The Pirates of Caribbean series. For Disney, it should be more active in film industry when the global entertaining business is recovering now. However, the key to its development is still on theme park and game developing. Fantasy Disney, a new game, has been launched to catering to the needs of kids of youths. In the game, various clothes styles are presented. Even a role imitating Lady Gaga could be seen. The characters in Toy Story, Pirates of Caribbean are reoccurring here. Most of the youths who are catching up with fashion and celebrities will enjoy the game of changing and transforming between different stars.

Meanwhile, it is also a new signal that social network game will be the priority in its business. Currently there are more and more children would like to enjoy the social games with cartoon figures. The combination of game and cartoon figures could attract more kids to get involved.
The Disneyland Parks all over the world are now launching special offers in summer vacation. Children are now enjoying themselves in the world of Disney.

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