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Www.hajcommittee.com is the official site of the Haj Committee of India.

At the time when I see this site, I had to say that I am not that familiar with the contents on it. To some extent, it is my first time to see the “Haj” on it. But I am sure that those Moslems must be familiar with it. To some extent, “Haj” is one of the most holy words for them. Here, at this site, we are lucky enough to see the information on it.

Come to the site of www.hajcommittee.com. According to the information on the homepage of the site, we can easily find that it is about the religion. And the Haj Committee of India is actually the organization that is responsible for making the arrangements for the pilgrimage of Muslims for Haj and other matters related to it. But before that, I think it is necessary for us to get known the Haj here. Indeed, what is the Haj? Having searched for the information on it on the internet, I got known that the Haj is regarded as the pilgrimage to Mecca. Of course, the targets are those Moslems. In this part, we have mentioned of Mecca. Regarding of Mecca, I do believe that there are a great number of people familiar with it except for those Moslems. Mecca is one of the cities in Saudi Arabia. It is unique city as it is considered as the most sacred city by Moslems. In this city, there are lots of important religious places that are only open to the followers of its religion. Thus, we can imagine the importance of the Mecca to those Moslems. It is said that it is their duty to go to the Mecca and worship their own God. And the Haj is one of its programs. Each year, a larger number of Moslems that meet the requirements will make a pilgrimage to Mecca from the whole world.

It is known that there are Moslems around the whole word. It is the same in India. In order to make it easier and convenient for those Moslems to make the pilgrimage, the Government of India has set up special agency to manage it. And it is the Haj Committee of India.

Being the official site of the Haj Committee of India, it has displayed us all the information on it. At this site, we are able to have a full understanding of the committee. As usual, the homepage of the site has shown us lots of contents. Besides the latest news, we can find the general information on this committee. Of course, for its main contents, people should turn to the menu on the top page where all the related information and materials can be found.

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