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As a cutting-edge company in America, HP is surely one of the gurus in the information science and technology industry. It produces printer, digital camera, software, and computer and information service. Since it acquired Compaq, a PC company in 2002, it has been promoting its oversea expansion all over the world.

As the number one PC provider in the world, HP has been the most popular computer brand in China. It has been chosen as the most respected enterprise in China for six consecutive years from 2002 to 2007. However, it was covered by dense fog since 2008. Because of the deficiencies in display card and screen splash, HP was surrounded by doubt of quality and qualification in producing computers.

Till Jan, 2007, the sales of HP have exceeded that of IBM, with an astonishing number at 91.7 billion USD. Besides, it was showed by a foreign analytic institution that the sales volume of notebook computers of HP surpassed that of Dell in the last season of 2006, which was out of expectation of everyone. Consequently, most consumers had been driven by these mammoth figures and they swarmed to buy HP products without hesitation in 2007 and 2008. These two years had witnessed a surprising boom in the sales volume of HP. It is sure that the worker should gain admission from the clients. Till March 2008, the satisfaction rate in North America was increased by 20 percent with the form of this new service.

Unexpectedly, a tide full of complaints flooded into HP from all directions in the world from July to October, 2009. The temperature of the mainboard was too high, the display screen disordered from time to time, the system sometimes crashes without reason. All of these were being doubted and people couldn’t find proper excuses to explain. Some of the upkeep fees even reached few thousand, which had outdistanced the cost of the computer. When the tidal wave of complaint burst all at once, HP was at a loss.

It was announced in Feb, 2008 that HP would put more capital and talents in the after-sale services and support services for its consumers. It would build a more effective and quicker system to serve its clients. One of the measures was to set up an Instant Care service, which would permit the workers in HP to do remote monitoring when consumers encountered technical problems in HP computers.

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