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Www.labcorp.com/billing is the website for the clients of Laboratory Corporation of America to manage their bills and offer the payment online.

Indeed, with the fast development of the internet, lots of companies and corporations make full use of it and provide their customers with the platform where they can get their services directly online. And the site, www.labcorp.com/billing is one of the examples. But before that, I think we need come to see the corporation, the Laboratory Corporation of America.

To most of the residents in the United States, they may be familiar with the Laboratory Corporation of America. LabCorp is a leading clinical laboratory specializing in offering unbeatable medical laboratory tests and services. As we all know that in our life, there are a variety of diseases. And to cure them, the first thing is to analyze and test them. Thus, those medical laboratories have played an extremely important role. For the Americans, the LabCorp is the one providing such type of services. Many people may know that in the year of 1995, Roche Biomedical Laboratories and National Health Laboratories merged together and became the LabCorp. In fact, we can have its history dated back to 1905. In that year, Hoffmann-La Roche started the studies and operations. With the efforts made by those pioneers, the LabCorp finally appeared and has become one of the leading laboratories providing medical laboratory tests and services.

Indeed, from its establishment, LabCorp has finished more than one million tests. Each day, there are about 400,000 tests coming out from the laboratory. Being the leading medical laboratory, LabCorp has more than 28,000 employees around the whole world. The number of its customers is up to more than 220,000 including the hospitals, physician offices and pharmaceutical companies etc. With its innovation and unparallel quality, the laboratory is dedicated to provide its clients with the scientific and accurate testing results.

Of course, it is necessary to pay for those tests and services. To make it easier for its customers, the laboratory has offered the online portal. And the site, www.labcorp.com/billing is just for the customers to manage their bills. The performance of it is quite easy. People just need visit the site and finish the form according to its instructions and then submit the information. After that, they will get the account where they are able to manage their bills.

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