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This website on human resources information is for the use of authorized personnel only. Lowe’s is the second biggest furniture provider in America following Home Depot. It has been knows as the furniture station of the poor. With around 700 stores in 40 states in America, the company meets the needs of consumers who require affordable and innovative home decoration. It has provided a variety of products related to interior design and home decoration though the efforts of its 100,000 workers in 200 subsidiaries, winning the reputation of the top 100 best companies in America and getting its position in the Fortune 500.

Catering to the need of DIY consumers, Lowe’s has developed products for home improvement, home decoration, home maintenance, and home repair and there are also counterparts for the repair and maintenance of commercial buildings. Most of the clients of Lowe’s are persons who fond of DIY retailing things. The DIY series may range from furniture, tools, apparatus, and popular home-improving items with a rich catalog.

It has opened a new way in the home articles retailing business by target at female consumers. As we know that the men are extremely interested in home decoration and hardware items. Ordinarily providers have oriented to male consumers and workers in architectural decoration. It was amazing when Lowe’s announced that it would transfer its target consumer group to the female consumers. Because it’s the housewife who decide which kind of floor and curtain to buy. When a couple are discussing on the selections of home decoration, most of the decisions are made promptly by women. Besides, a lot of husbands conform to their female partners, since they think that women have special and unique taste for beauty.

So, the company redecorates its stores which are spacious, bright, brief and comfortable for consumers, especially female shoppers and its retailing business is more and more popular. All the counters have been removed and shelves have been erected, which is similar to the pattern of a supermarket. Before the female consumers only accounted for 10% of the total and after the alternation, the female group is half of the overall consumers in 2002. Meanwhile, the sales revenue of Lowe’s increased sharply for its successful recruitment of female consumer group, also known as natural shopaholics. It’s wise for Lowe’s to make such a transition with a broad vision in the home decoration circle. In light of this transition, the position of Lowe’s is undoubtedly enhanced to a new high level.

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