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This interior website only opens to employees and former workers in Lowe’s. I guess it intend to acquire feedback from its workers and thus to improve its own administrative and operative system.

Lowe’s was originally known as North Wikes Hardware, formed in about four decades ago. Lowe’s Company Inc is a home decoration retailer, which has laid stress on DIY retailing among individuals and corporate bodies. Lowe’s specializes in providing home improving articles and services, and it deals with home decoration, home maintenance, home repair and the modification and maintenance of commercial buildings. The DIY ideas advocated by Lowe’s have been very popular among customers.

It’s now the fifth biggest retailer in America and the 34th biggest retailer in the world. It has opened about 700 stores in America with nearly 40,000 pieces of products, to catering to the needs of its customers to make home decoration and improvement. Now it has more than 200 subsidiaries and over 100,000 workers. It is also a member in Fortune 500. It has been expanding its coverage in America, from the east to the middle and western parts.

Its products include furniture, tool and apparatus and vogue home decorations. Besides, it has an especially rich products catalog, with various choices for the same product. As the second biggest home decoration chain in America, Lowe’s is a little different from Home Depot, the number one home decoration retailer in America. Lowe’s has been focusing on female customers rather than male customers.

Normally, people would think that home improvement and home maintenance is the business of men. Thus, Home Depot put emphasis on male customers and constructive professionals. However, it has been found out that 80 percent of the ideas and proposals on home improvement are brought forward by women. Therefore, Lowe’s decided to make a change in the fixation of customer group. First, it redecorated all the selling places and makes them more comfortable and pleasant, to attract as many female customers as it could. Second, it put on isle more quality and high end products, because females like elegant and elite products.

Before the change, female customers only accounted 10 percent. But in 2002, they have taken up half of the customers of Lowe’s. This strategy has increased the sales volume of Lowe’s by 18 percent in 2004. Undoubtedly, this is a successful transfer and this idea is very bold in the emerging market.

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