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Pex Tax is just born as the official website domain of the excise and taxation department of Government of Punjab in India. If you are just the one who is willing to know more about the Indian government’s tax policies and related issues, this website could be a great reference center. It is located at www.pextax.com.In my personal opinion, it is really a website worthy paying attention to and exploring.

For over ninety perfect of the Indian websites, they might be designed in the same style. The moment you see it, you know it is Indian oriented. And for the official website of Pex Tax for Excise and Taxation Department, a governmental one, the atmosphere of Indian culture would be even more serious. And then, let us take an overview of the homepage firstly. You see, in the central part of the homepage, it is a slideshow in which some working aspects of the staffs in this department would be exhibited. Everyone is just working so hard to serve the whole national tax payers. They would also belong to the big group of taxpayers. And then, the latest releases of the main contents of this website have been exhibited directly by the quick links at the lower part of the homepage. Two documents have been involved in the latest updates here, including the revised bidding schedule and the clarification regarding the RFP for the selection of system integrator.

Maybe sometimes you would feel hard to understand such professional governmental documents, you should know that, for all the financial experts and tax professionals, they would never move their sights away from these kinds of documents and policies released by the government even a half of a second! That might be the importance of all of them! Then, at the left side of the homepage, you can take good use of the navigation for the communication centers directly in which all the website documents have been assorted into more than fifteen groups such as revised VAT forms, suggestions, inter state transaction, public notice, etc. For different types of visitors, they may bring distinguishing concentrations to explore this website. Just find the right information and resource and begin with your further exploration.

Of course, I would never ignore the most important type of visitors here, the individual taxpayers. For them, this website could be the best reference center through which they can get enough awareness to protect themselves legally.

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