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This is the customer survey website created by Survey Square for Shopko. The slogan of Shopko is my life, my style and my store.

Shopko Inc, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, owns over 140 stores and 200 Pamida discount stores in 23 states in US. It is a member of Fortune 500 and it has been distributing high quality products and services for its customers. More than 140 general stores are operated in the Middle West and Pacific region. It is the first retailing chain which has incorporated pharmacy.

Founded in 1962, it has been one of the forceful members in retailing industry in America. It has employed more than 16,000 workers and generates annual sales exceeding 2.2 billion USD. It offers home supplies, footwear, bedding articles, furniture and electrical appliance. Though it is not as influential and extensive as Walmart and Kmart, it is the most successful regional retailer in US and in the world.

Early in 2000, Shopko bought Pamida, a grocery retailing chain which located Crete, Nebraska and Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Pamida is based in Omaha, Nebraska and it intends to meet the daily demands of the small communities. In these small towns, Pamida is the only general retailing store and its high stock-sales ratio has been its trump to success. It doesn’t have to attract customers by discount and freebie. As long as it has enough stock inventories, it can make money in these small regions. When Pamida was bought by Shopko, which then had about 180 stores, it gradually set up a comprehensive coverage in Middle West.

In the end of 2005, Shopko concluded its deal with Sun Capital Partners Inc. Then it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Capital. The latter bought it at 29 per share. Sun Capital is a top private investment company which has incorporated all kinds of retailing companies in the circle of convenience stores, pharmacy and clothing. It owns Anchor Blue Retail, Gerber Childrenwswear, Hanna Anderson, Kellwood and Gordsman.

Recently, the price fixing and optimization software has won the favor of retailers in various professions. In 2002, Shopko astonished the world with its gain of 3 cent per share despite its declining sales volume. It was one of the first few companies which had applied management software in retailing circle. The key was the price reduction management software developed by Spotlight Solutions. Optimum pricing has been a popular and effective strategy in retailing industry and people are crazy about its power. It strictly and cautiously guards the pass of pricing, price cut-down and promotion.

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