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Southparkstudios is a website supplying animations and cartoon series. The latest animation will be loaded here but it only lasts for a week. But after one month, people can watch it freely and willfully.

The name of this website originated from a popular animation: South Park, which fully revealed the aim and goal of this website: to promote the circulation of cartoons, to make people interested in cartoons, and to enable people to think about cartoons.
It told us a story happened in South Park, a small town in America, where people lived a simple and happy life. One day, four children slipped into a cinema where a primitive film featured with Canadian actors T and P. The film was full of pornographic jokes and foul vernacular words, which were quickly imitated by these four children and were told to other children. Immediately there foul words were disseminated throughout the town and near every child went to watch the film, and got familiar with these dirty words, which made the adults in the town extremely upset. Thus, the adults thought it were the Canadians who led their children astray, and ridiculously a war broke out between America and Canada.

This comedy cartoon was first released in 1997, and soon it became the most popular, frenzied, and controversial animation in American history because it had subverted the traditional comedy cartoons. Most of the earlier production was done by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The first episode was gloriously published on the cover of News Weekly and Rolling Stone, and then it enjoyed millions of audience and won thousands of advertising income. Beside it grabbed an Emmy Award, the Oscar Award in television circle.

Now, South Park is steadily taking the lead in entertaining irony and political criticism. It has been devoted to exposing social realities, criticize unfairness and scoff at the bureaucrats through irresponsible verbal violence and whimsical plots.

As for American cartoons, there are two types: one is mainstream cartoons including the works of Disney, a master good at shooting the photography of united families, and Dreamworks, a master fond of creating happy endings. They are both economically powerful and traditionally orthodoxy and their cartoons are suitable for both old and young regardless of national boundaries.

And the second type is alternative cartoons, opening up a pioneering way by strong individualism, which is just the intention of the founding of Southparkstudios. Here you can find the loony tone and hoaxing. In the essence, it’s serious. It doesn’t provide cartoons only for children, instead, it’s for adults

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